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Well, Melanie Lee and Brooklyn Sample.
Put it together and … you get the idea!

Welcome to Moms Art Too! 


We are both moms. That’s right. But we refuse to let that be all that defines us. First and foremost, we are creatives. We are so crafty, we made people. You might have created a human too, but that doesn’t mean you have to STOP creating! 


So let’s get inspired!


In this space, we’re going to talk about how moms can ART too. A place to find ways to continue Art’ing through creative expression even though you feel brain dead. Because we know kids can sometimes suck the life out of you.


But that’s not what we are here for, to bitch about our kids. We are here to help you get inspired and find your ART again in whatever that is for you. 


“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together”.



Melanie and Brooklyn have worked together on projects since 2010. Writing, directing, acting and story development have been the driving forces of their creative works.


Their goal here is to help readers and listeners revive their creative passions with practical applications and inspiring conversations with others around the world. 


These ladies have a total of 5 children between them and enjoy wine and vodka when necessary.

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